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اولي اينار بجرندلن - ممثل شركة انستافوركس

تعبر انستافوركس عن سعادتها بأن تعلن عن ان ايكونة الالعاب الشتوية النرويجي 'اولي اينار بجرندلن - الحاصل علي 8 ميداليات ذهبية اولمبية وبطل العالم 20 مرة والفائز بكأس العالم 6 مرات اصبح ممثل تجاري لشركة انستافوركس.

التعاون مع اعظم رياضي في تاريخ الاولمبيات الشتوية لعام 2015.

وبالرغم من سجله الرائع منذ اول فوز له من 20 عام فإنه اكد وضعه كملك للألعاب الشتوية بالفوز بذهبيتين.

العمل الفعال وسعيه للتحسين واستعداده بأن يزود التجار باستمرار بمنتجات مفيدة وخدمات هي جودة انستافوركس. فإن الشراكة مع اولي اينار تثبت ان التزام الشركة بالسعي نحو اعلي المعايير.

يقول اولي اينار"طوال عملي كنت احد المحركين لتحديث رياضة البياتلون باستمرار محاولة ان احضر تقنيات حديثة للوصول الي المثالية وتكون علي استعداد للتقنيات والتحديث واحدث عصي للتزلج" وقال "لهذا السبب اكون في غاية السعادة بأن اشارك شركة حديثة تعمل بشكل عصري في نمو التقنيات في الاسواق المالية. ولهذا السبب اعتقد ان فلسفة انستافوركس تتوافق معي بشكل مثالي".

اكثر رياضي متألق في الاولمبيات الشتوية دائماً والحاصل علي الكثير والكثير من البطولات العالمية اولي اينار حصل علي 95 انتصار في كأس العالم ومن ضمنهم واحدة للتزلج عبر الدول.

لقد سجل فوزه في اولمبيات مدينة سالت لات وحصل علي اربع ذهبيات في الاربعة منافسات من البياتلون.

كن الفائز مع انستافوركس!

This photoshoot would not be possible without courtesy of the Main sponsor of the Norwegian Biathlon Association - DNB

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InstaForex - official partner of Dragon Racing

The world of professional motor racing, just like the financial world, is constantly developing and introducing the latest technologies that eventually become ordinary parts of our everyday lives. This happened with turbo motors, KERS system, ceramic brakes, online trading, as well as PAMM and ForexCopy systems. Back then, it all seemed something unique and available only to chosen ones. Today, we drive electric cars and can easily trade on the global forex market via gadgets that we carry in our pockets.

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U.S. Città di Palermo - new InstaForex partner

Italian football club Palermo has become the company`s new partner. The football club has more than 100 years of history since it was founded in the year 1900. In autumn 2015, InstaForex signed an agreement with the football team from sunny Sicily in the height of the 2015–16 Serie A league. At the moment, Palermo is fighting for the high places in the championship. Such players as Alberto Gilardino, a world champion of 2006 for Italy, and Franco Vazquez, one of the best forwards of the Italian national team at the moment, form one of the strongest attacking lines at the championship in Italy.

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InstaForex Loprais Team – official participant of the Dakar rally

InstaForex is a title sponsor of the official participant of the Dakar rally, InstaForex Loprais Team. This rally team is a joint project of InstaForex, Loprais team, a regular participant of the Dakar rally, and automobile concern Tatra, which provides the team with the famous trucks. The agreement on organizing a team was signed in May 2011 by the pilot of the Loprais team Ales Loprais and the Deputy Director General of InstaForex Dmitry Savchenko. It was a momentous event for both Loprais family and InstaForex company.

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An outstanding tennis player has become the face of InstaForex

Janko Tipsarević, a Serbian tennis player, is rightly considered to be one of the brightest tennis stars today. In 2001 Janko achieved his first great success, having won Australian Junior Open Championship. However, in contrast to many promising young sportsmen who have never shined in the sky of adult tennis, Tipsarević has become one of the strongest senior tennis players.

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Loprais and InstaForex: traditions, progress, leadership

Ales Loprais is the pilot and the PR manager of a rally crew InstaForex Loprais Team. He also owns an auto parts manufacturing company specializing in world-famous Tatra trucks. Ales was born on January 1980 in Olomouc, the Czech Republic, into a family of the Dakar Rally champions. He was brought up in the atmosphere of endless preparations for rallies. Since early childhood Ales has been involved into car repairing, spending more time in the garage than at home.

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