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只要存款至少$ 1,000到您的帐户!

获得最好的交易条件和有吸引力的奖金优惠! 我们已经给了6辆传奇跑车! 但它并不止于此! 下一辆最新一代兰博基尼飓风可能是你的!

InstaForex – 为你的胜利投资!


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Financial instruments

  • Our priority is to provide the wide range of services to every customer at any stage of work from new account registration to money withdrawal.

  • Trading conditions are rightfully considered to be among the best ones in the world. Traders have access to a great variety of financial tools numbered more than 300.

Services for trade

The key component of each company from InstaForex Group is our clients and focus on their needs. We offer qualitative and effective Forex-services. Also we continuously improve technologies to maintain our leading position.


King of Biathlon Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Norwegian Ole Einar Bjørndalen, known as the King of Biathlon, has become new InstaForex official brand ambassador! Ole Einar is the most medaled sportsman in the history of the Winter Olympic Games (13 medals, including 8 gold medals), the world’s biathlon championship (40 medals, including 19 gold medals), and Biathlon World Cup (6 wins). The cooperation with the legendary Olympic champion will lead to many joint victories and achievements. Keep abreast of changes on the Bjørndalen’s official web page on our website.

Ales Loprais - InstaForex Loprais Team pilot

For Ales Loprais, a pilot and PR manager of InstaForex Loprais Team, racing is neither a job, nor a hobby, but rather a family tradition and lifestyle. The nephew of the 6-fold Paris-Dakar Rally champion was just 7 years old when he first drove a racing truck. He then firmly decided on his future profession. Today Ales is a winner of the Dakar, Central Europe and Silk Way rallies. InstaForex international broker, the title sponsor of Loprais Team, wishes the racer soaring victories in large-scale competitions!

Be successful on Forex with Oleg Taktarov!

In late 2011 world ultimate fighting champion, actor, TV presenter, film producer, author and trader Oleg Taktarov accepted an offer of InstaForex international broker to become a face of the company’s brand. Oleg Taktarov says that it is an honour for him to represent such a young and successful company striving for victories. InstaForex Company highly appreciates cooperation with Oleg Taktarov; his proactive attitude and fighting mood are examples to follow that inspire everyone to new accomplishments.

初露头角的网球运动员达里亚·卡萨基纳 - 新的InstaForex品牌代言人

世界网球精英的冉冉升起的新星 - 有前途的俄罗斯网球选手达里亚·卡萨基纳--加入了成功的InstaForex合作伙伴团队。 她以惊人的胜利而闻名,这使她获得了国际声誉。 这位才华横溢,雄心勃勃的运动员年仅20岁,但她正在迅速建立一个非凡的职业生涯。 达里亚已经成为世界排名的前列,被公认为世界排名第30位。耐力,意志力,对运动的热情以及对胜利的渴望 - 这些显著的特征在网球运动员身上和InstaForex中很常见。


InstaForex洛普赖斯团队是InstaForex和塔特拉团队之间的合作,塔特拉团队是由雄心勃勃的捷克车手阿尔斯·洛普赖斯领导的达喀尔拉力赛的常客。 官方团队名称出现在2011年5月,并带团队在著名的丝绸之路拉力赛中获胜。 InstaForex洛普赖斯团队甩开了强大的竞争对手,如Kamaz Master,IVECO和MAN。 得益于有效的合作伙伴关系,阿尔斯·洛普赖斯的团队达到了一个新的水平,我们的公司成为冠军的冠名赞助商。

InstaForex - official partner of Dragon Racing

If it is possible to foresee the future of the auto racing, the FIA Formula E Championship is a vivid projection. The futuristic racing cars powered by electric motors give us an idea of cars which our children will be driving. It could be not too distant future for us! Our company is always at the forefront of the technological advance. Inspired by Dragon Racing, we are eager to open the door to the future on Forex.

HKm Zvolen and InstaForex- on the way to new victories!

InstaForex is the title sponsor of one of the oldest hockey clubs in Europe - HKm Zvolen - a member of the Slovak Extraliga. HKm Zvolen is a legend of European hockey. HKm Zvolen is famous for numerous ice hockey stars who played in the club. Now HKm Zvolen is home for many members of Slovakia National Ice Hockey Team.

Trading on Top with InstaForex!

In 2010, two InstaForex staffers set the world record for trading at the highest altitude above sea level. This achievement proves that anyone is guaranteed access to the broker’s quality services and products. So, our clients can trade at any spot in the world.


InstaForex提供了一个赢得传奇意大利跑车兰博基尼的机会! 兰博基尼飓风作为主要奖项的活动将于2016年12月26日至2019年12月20日举行。任何充值1000美元或以上的登记并注册参加活动的人都可以争夺豪华车。 获胜者将在兰博基尼号码的帮助下随机确定,因此所有竞争者都有机会获胜。

InstaForex in figures

The company has achieved flawless performance through its vast experience on Forex. The section entitled InstaForex in figures will shed light on our achievements, victories, and tallies.


2018年10月1日由InstaForex筹备的2019年Insta亚洲选美大赛的第10季开始。 来自世界各地的更多绮丽女孩! 潜入美丽的世界!

InstaForex innovations: feel the touch of future!

Forex Droid Fx Bot, a new member of InstaForex team, symbolizes the striving of the company to provide its customers with cutting-edge trading technologies. Controlled by a company’s representative via Wi-Fi, the multifunctional robot has video cameras and microphones enabling it to easily move around, talk to visitors of exhibitions and conferences, project slide presentations and promo videos and also give consultations concerning trading.

Touch the Sky with InstaForex!

A plane of large European air company Czech Airlines has a bright InstaForex logo on it. A branded airliner flying thousand meters in altitude is the symbol of high-speed and easy trading which is provided by InstaForex skilful employees.

FC "Liverpool" and InstaForex - a perfect example of partnership

This alliance, which lasted from 2014 to 2018, gave powerful impressions to InstaForex clients. Our traders from these regions had the time of their lives watching live home games of the renowned team at Anfield.