Campaign rules
Account type: live trading accounts
Campaign frequency: monthly
Campaign period: a year
Prize pool: $50,000
Participation conditions: a deposit not less than $3,000
Every month the winning account is randomly determined and credited with the prize funds.

In the end of the month one trading account chosen in a random way is announced as winning and credited with the prize funds. So you can keep working on Forex in your usual mode having an opportunity to become one of the lucky winners! The amount of prize funds changes every month, so don't miss your chance and make a deposit right now!

In March Chancy Deposit increased to $10,000!

On the 12th of February the Norwegian biathlete and InstaForex ambassador Ole Einar Bjørndalen won a medal in the pursuit race at the World Championship in Hochfilzen.
We sincerely congratulate Ole Einar Bjørndalen with his first victory in this season and in honor of this event we increase the Chancy Deposit bonus 10 times, from $1,000 in February to $10,000 till 31 March 2017.
Follow InstaForex sports family news and be always aware of special bonuses!

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