Every investor registered with the PAMM system is provided with:

  • Access to the monitoring list of managing trader accounts to choose from
  • Opportunity to invest funds of any amount in the account of any managing trader, depending on the confidence in positive results of trading
  • Opportunity to diversify risks by investing small amounts in different accounts
  • Opportunity to make recurrent investments in the same accounts
  • Option of automatic investment withdrawal from a PAMM trader account requested in PAMM Cabinet
  • Managing trader account balance view. Balance view includes the information about current profit.
  • Contact information of a managing trader
  • Managing trader account statistics view. Statistics view includes the information about the number and volume of investments made by other investors in this account
  • Funds protection guarantees against withdrawals by managing traders; a managing trader can withdraw only a part of his capital which is not used in the open trades

How to become a PAMM investor?

Any client of InstaForex Company having a live trading account can become a PAMM investor. It only takes logging in Client Cabinet and clicking the PAMM System link in the right menu. Then you will be offered to register with the PAMM system, accept the PAMM System Use Agreement, and enter your contact information (email and phone number), which will be available to all managing traders you invest in.

Right after the registration, your trading account status is changed to the PAMM investor. It means that, besides the usual trading functions, you enjoy the full range of PAMM system services, making provision for investments in accounts of managing traders and ensuring access to Monitoring. You can invest your funds right after the registration with the PAMM system, but before you take the real actions within it, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the opportunities of the PAMM system and start investing insignificant for you amounts in order to investigate the PAMM system in practice.

Note: to learn all the stages of investment and refund service, you should invest the minimum amount - USD 1. It will allow you to go through all the steps of investing in an account of a managing trader and make sure of accuracy in share and profit calculation.

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