1 The main step is to carefully read the InstaWallet Public Offer Agreement which acts as a supplementary agreement to the overall InstaForex Public Offer Agreement. You may need from one to five minutes to get wise to it.
2 The second step is entering your nickname that will be reflected in the system. No personal account data but this nickname will be seen by other InstaWallet system users, as the system itself was established as an anonymous interface for sending and receiving money.

After the completion of these two steps you can start working with your purse in the InstaWallet system straight away. Other personal data will be taken right from your trading account: email address, phone number, residential address and full name. Thus, going through the registration procedure while opening the trading account once, each InstaForex customer avoids the necessity to re-enter personal data activating the service of InstaWallet.

Joining the InstaWallet system in your InstaForex Client Cabinet is a simple and convenient process which takes minimum of your time and offers you freedom of secure funds transfers. Sign up for the InstaWallet service in your InstaForex Client Cabinet right now!

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