So, what allows us to state that the InstaWallet system is completely safe despite the absence of extra passwords? The security system of InstaWallet is based upon the observance of the following simple principles:

1 Manual checking of EACH funds withdrawal from the InstaWallet system to other systems. Therefore, we guarantee protection of the company and its clients from countless threats of the Internet. Do not worry for your money, as our specialists will take due care of it. Thus, enjoying the instant execution of your transfers within the system, you can be sure that your funds will not be withdrawn by hackers.
2 The automated system of protection against suspicious payments activated, the SMS confirmation request is sent. This scheme increases safety of your InstaWallet purse at the stage of the funds transfer to a different wallet.
3 Constant anti-fraud monitoring within the system with the help of top- notch analysis facilities. If you use InstaWallet legally, then you have nothing to worry about. But if the system use breaches the law, including unlawful actions against you, our security system will detect the source of danger within a very short span of time.

Join the secure and reliable InstaWallet system by just activating the InstaWallet option in your Client Cabinet.

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