Our priority is to provide the wide range of services to every customer at any stage of work from new account registration to money withdrawal.

Trading conditions are rightfully considered to be among the best ones in the world. Traders have access to a great variety of financial tools numbered more than 300. Advanced information technologies and software products from the leading companies such as MetaQuotes Software, Reuters, Dow Jones, and e-Signal are available to InstaForex clients. By the way, we were the first among local and international brokers to give our clients an opportunity to open trading accounts on the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Traders can set leverage within the range from 1:1 to 1:1000, trade with swaps or swap-free, with spreads or commissions. Moreover, InstaForex clients have access to one-click trading, special offers and bonuses.

We regularly update our trading tools’ list. Thus, our clients were the first to work with the popular electronic currency BitCoin. Besides, InstaForex was one of the first brokers to give clients the opportunity to trade CFD on Facebook and Twitter after the company’s IPOs.

The key component of each company from InstaForex Group is our clients and focus on their needs. We offer qualitative and effective Forex-services. Also we continuously improve technologies to maintain our leading position.

Our clients are traders with a different level of trading experience. For those who are only at the beginning of their way on the foreign exchange market or don’t have an opportunity to devote most of the time to trading, InstaForex develops services which don’t require constant control and presence. PAMM-system, which allows the clients to invest into trading of the most successful PAMM-traders, as well as ForexCopy, which allows the clients to copy deals of experienced traders are among these services. In other words, you earn on Forex without making great efforts and at the same time gain experience and trading skills.

Besides, InstaForex takes active part in social events, cooperates with the teams and famous athletes whose will-to-win spirit and ambition to be the best fully reflects our policy.

Official leaders of InstaForex brand were three-time European basketball champion Ilona Korstin, ex-first racket of the world Victoria Azarenka, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. Football Club Liverpool and racing team Loprais became our partners. We also cooperate with a legend of winter sports – 8-time Olympic champion, 16-time world champion and 6-time the world Cup in biathlon –Norwegian Ole Einar Bjørndalen.

InstaForex as well as our official representatives have many awards and honors. We were awarded The Best Broker in Asia by World Finance Awards several years in a row. We also received the most prestigious prizes from other leading magazines, such as CNBC Business Magazine and EUROPEAN CEO (The Best Retail-Broker Prize). Moreover, our work has been marked at international financial ShowFX World, ShowFX Asia, CIOT EXPO, and Jordan EXPO exhibitions. To see a full list of awards, visit our Awards section.

We are happy to announce not only our achievements but success of our clients as well. Participating in our drawings they win various prizes including Hummer H3, Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayenne. The annual prize pool of InstaForex has exceeded 500,000 US dollars. We always offer valuable prizes and an opportunity to become a winner!

Our clients are truly our greatest assets. InstaForex is considered the best among Forex-Brokers and our clients and partners can be confident that all the services offered by any member of InstaForex Group meet the highest world standards. Our goal is to make trading on Forex comfortable and profitable.

Consult with our specialist and find out how to choose the most suitable trading conditions.

InstaForex in figures

InstaForex is a brokerage company that ensures quality online trading in the global currency market since 2007. The company has achieved flawless performance through its vast experience on Forex. The section entitled InstaForex in figures will shed light on our achievements, victories, and tallies. The company owes its success mainly to your loyalty. Here is a summary of some landmark events.

Victoria Azarenka - big name in tennis and InstaForex brand ambassador

Victoria Azarenka, a former world No. 1 in tennis, was invited as InstaForex brand ambassador in 2013. Both InstaForex and its 1,000,000 clients are proud of this partnership as Victoria has won top awards in the most prestigious tournaments. She is the symbol of success.

InstaForex 와 Marussia F1 팀과 함께 빠른 속도로

InstaForex는 러시아 자동차 제작 업체 Marussia Motors의 후원을 받는 Marussia F1 팀의 파트너입니다. 2011년 Marussia Motors는 타이틀 스폰서가 되었으며 2012년 영국에 있는 Formula One 팀의 대주주가 되었습니다. Marussia F1팀은 Formula One의 우승을 목표로 활발하게 성장하고 있습니다. 젊고 재능있는 F1 드라이버인 영국인 Max Chilton과 Jules Bianchi로 구성되어 있으며, 이들은 F1의 스타가 될것입니다.

세계 최고의 테니스 선수 Janko Tipsarević가 InstaForex와 함께합니다

세르비아 테니스 선수인 Janko Tipsarević는 현재 세계 10대 테니스 선수 중 한명입니다. 첫번째 주니어 컵에서 8위를 차지한 그는 성인 랭킹을 183위로 험난하게 시작했습니다. Janko의 수상경력은 매우 인상적입니다: Davis Cup, World Team Cup, ATP 토너먼트 Stuttgart, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow (Kremlin Cup) 등. 게가다 Janko는 2012년 11월 싱가폴에서 열린 Clash of Continents에서도 우승하였습니다.

Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex

Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex came to an end in October 2015. One of our lucky clients won a gorgeous sports car from the renowned German manufacturer. Visit this web page to find out which Porsche number was fixed on October 19, 2015 and which prize was preferred by the winner.

InstaForex – 태양을 향해

InstaForex 애드벌룬이 2012년 여름 최초로 전시되었습니다. InstaForex 애드벌룬은 하늘을 지배하며 InstaForex사의 트레이딩과 협력에 대하 무한한 가능성을 상징하고 있습니다. InstaForex 애드벌룬 비행은 InstaForex와의 거래만큼이나 간단하고 영감을 줍니다. 하늘로 솟구쳐 편안한 대기 속에서 사랑하는 일을 매일 하는 것입니다.

InstaForex와 함께 하늘로!

InstaForex 비행기 광고는 InstaForex 사의 외환 시장에서의 업적을 상기시키기 위해 기획된 프로젝트입니다. 유럽 유명 항공사 Czech Airlines의 비행기는 InstaForex광고를 싣고 비행합니다. 수천미터 상공을 비행하는 여객기는 InstaForex의 쉽고 빠른 트레이딩과 유능한 직원들을 상징합니다.

Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus

Another campaign with a luxury car as the main prize is Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus. In June 2014, InstaForex closed the mega campaign and determined the winner. Over two years, our clients were in suspense, awaiting the announcement of the Lotus number. Eventually, one of them was declared the owner of a stunning Lotus Evora. Here you will find out which prize the winner chose.

InstaForex 혁신: 미래를 느껴보십시오!

Forex Droid Fx Bot은 InstaForex 의 새로운 프로그램으로 첨단 트레이딩 기술을 고객들에게 제공하려는 저희 노력의 상징입니다. 저희 대표 Wi-Fi를 통해 컨트롤되는 다기능 로봇은 영상 카메라와 마이크를 이용해 행사장을 돌아다니며 박람회외 컨퍼런스에 참여한 방문객들에게 프로모션 영상 및 프리젠테이션 슬라이드를 보여주며 트레이딩 관련 컨설팅도 제공합니다.

Ales Loprais - InstaForex Loprais Team 파일럿

InstaForex Loprais Team 파일럿 겸 PR매니저인 Ales Loprais에게 레이싱은 직업도 취미도 아닙니다. 그것은 가족의 전통이자 라이프스타일입니다. Paris-Dakar Rally 6연속 챔피언의 조카인 그는 7살때 처음 레이싱 트럭을 운전했습니다. 그리고 그는 꿈을 갖게 되었습니다. 오늘날 Ales는 Dakar, Central Europe 및 Silk Way 랠리의 우승자입니다. 국제 중개업체 InstaForex는 Loprais 팀의 타이틀 스폰서로 그의 선전을 기원합니다!

Oleg Taktarov와 함께 Forex에서의 성공을!

2011년 후반 세계 UFC 챔피언, 배우, TV 출연자, 영화 제작자, 저자이자 트레이더인 Oleg Taktarov씨는 InstaForex 브랜드 광고 계약을 맺었습니다. Oleg Taktarov씨는 이토록 젊고 성공적이며 승리를 갈구하는 기업의 광고를 맡은 것을 영광이라고 말합니다. InstaForex사는 Oleg Taktarov의 협력을 매우 감사하게 생각하며 그의 적극적인 자세가 모두의 성공에 귀감이 되기를 바랍니다.

Best Trading, Luxury Driving

Porsche Cayenne was raffled off in another mega campaign called Best Trading, Luxury Driving. The campaign was closed on September 27, 2013 when the Porsche number was fixed. It indicated the owner of a luxury crossover. Full details are available on the campaign web page.

Ilona Korstin은 InstaForex사의 이미지입니다

유명한 농구 포워드 Ilona Korstin은 InstaForex 국제 중개업체의 이미지가 되었습니다. 그녀는 InstaForex와 같이 명망있는 기업을 대표하게 된 것을 영광이라고 합니다. 둘을 결합하는 것은 최고에 대한 갈망입니다. Ilona는 Forex 트레이딩을 경험하였고 InstaForex 서비스의 높은 품질에 대해 찬사를 보냈습니다.

”Hummer to a Jammy Fellow”

InstaForex사는 기쁜 마음으로 연간 캠페인 "Hummer to a Jammy Fellow"의 수상자를 발표합니다. 행운의 수상자는 St. Petersburg의 Ruslan Makhauri씨 입니다. 캠페인의 대상인 Hummer H3 최신형 자동차는 2010년 9월 19일 ShowFx World-Moscow 박람회장에서 Ruslan Makhauri씨에게 전달되었습니다. 게다가, 수상자는 1000 US 달러의 상금 또한 계좌로 받게 되었습니다.

Win Lotus from InstaForex

The Win Lotus from InstaForex campaign was held for our clients from November 1, 2009 until May 27, 2011. Nazri Bin Zainuri, a trader from Malaysia, was presented with the main prize. On the campaign web page, you will find the interview with the winner who is sharing his impressions and secrets behind his success.

InstaForex 프로모션 브로셔

InstaForex에서 제작한 프로모션 책자를 소개하고자 합니다. 이 브로셔에는 회사의 Forex 관련 활동과 업적이 수록되어 있습니다. 이 프로모션 상품은 InstaForex 파트너들의 마케팅 및 고객 안내에 활용될 수 있습니다.

Trading on Top with InstaForex!

In 2010, two InstaForex staffers set the world record for trading at the highest altitude above sea level. This achievement proves that anyone is guaranteed access to the broker’s quality services and products. So, our clients can trade at any spot in the world. The photo gallery on this web page will assure you that any trading target will be met with InstaForex.

Tornado – InstaForex

In 2010-2011, InstaForex acted as the title sponsor of the Tornado – InstaForex fight club, a leading fight club among post-Soviet countries. The broker was also a general partner of Grand Mix Fight and ProFC in Ukraine, mixed martial arts tournaments. The partnership with the fight club provided InstaForex with new rewarding experience.

Miss Insta Asia 2017

InstaForex Company expands a stand–out beauty contest Miss Insta Asia.
October 1, 2016 was marked by the start of the 8 season of the Miss Insta Asia 2017 beauty contest arranged by InstaForex. Even more gorgeous girls from all over the world! Dive into the world of beauty!

InstaForex office in Moscow

InstaForex has established an office in a modern business center in New Arbat Avenue in Moscow. The office meets all criteria of VIP commercial property. Any InstaForex client and people interested in active investments in financial markets are welcome to InstaForex office in Moscow. Anyone can rely on versatile support and expert advice.

”InstaForex St. Petersburg 지점”

InstaForex는 기쁜 마음으로 Saint Petersburg지점 개설을 발표합니다! InstaForex 대표 지점은 Vasilievsky Island의 가장 역사적인 지역인 Senator 비즈니스 센터에 위치하고 있습니다. 사무실은 찾기 쉬운 곳에 위치하고 있습니다.

The Fast Ride from the Best Broker

1000 US 달러 이상 입금한 InstaForex고객들을 대상으로 진행되는 캠페인입니다. 컨테스트는 2010년 6월 1일부터 2012년 5월 25일까지 진행되며 상품은 Lotus Evora입니다. 2012년 신형 스포츠 쿠페 Lotus Evora는 러시아 모스크바 주의 Podolsk에 사는 Yuriy Lukinov씨에게 전달되었습니다.

HKm Zvolen과 InstaForex- 새로운 승리를 향한 길!

InstaForex는 유럼 최고의 하키팀 Slovak Extraliga의 멤버 HKm Zvolen의 타이틀 스폰서입니다. HKm Zvolen은 유럽 하키의 전설입니다. 2005년 IIHF Continental Cup에서 영광스러운 우승을 차지했습니다. 2012-2013시즌에 HKm Zvolen은 Slovak Extraliga대회에서 우승했으며 수많은 아이스 하키 스타를 보유하고 있습니다. 이제 HKm Zvolen은 수많은 슬로바키아 아이스하키 국가대표팀 선수들을 배출한 명문팀입니다.

Liverpool FC

InstaForex will become the Official Online Forex and Binary Options Trading Partner in Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) of Liverpool FC. The new alliance will see InstaForex offer exciting LFC experiences to their customers who are fans in these markets, including tickets to see the Reds play at home in Anfield.

InstaForex - official partner of Dragon Racing

If it is possible to foresee the future of the auto racing, the FIA Formula E Championship is a vivid projection. The futuristic racing cars powered by electric motors give us an idea of cars which our children will be driving. It could be not too distant future for us! We were greatly impressed with these features of the top class of the auto racing. Our company is always at the forefront of the technological advance. Inspired by Dragon Racing, we are eager to open the door to the future on Forex.

Palermo FC becomes InstaForex partner

InstaForex has become an official partner of Italian football club Palermo. The long-term agreement was signed in autumn of 2015. The Italian football stars play for Palermo FC, including World Champion 2006 forward Alberto Gilardino and attacking midfielder Franco Vazquez, a member of the Italian national football team. Get a chance to benefit from the new alliance right now. Every InstaForex client can win VIP tickets to one of the matches of Serie A with the participation of Palermo FC, which will take place in sunny Sicily.

King of Biathlon Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Norwegian Ole Einar Bjørndalen, known as the King of Biathlon, has become new InstaForex official brand ambassador! Ole Einar is the most medaled sportsman in the history of the Winter Olympic Games (13 medals, including 8 gold medals), the world’s biathlon championship (40 medals, including 19 gold medals), and Biathlon World Cup (6 wins). The cooperation with the legendary Olympic champion will lead to many joint victories and achievements. Keep abreast of changes on the Bjørndalen’s official web page on our website.

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