A new level of ROI with InstaForex PAMM system?

The return on investment is definitely a key point when it comes to modern corporate finance and investment management. The newcomer might get lost in the whirlpool of abbreviations: ROI, ROE, EVA, PBP, PV, NPV... The last one, however, is intuitively clear to everyone. There is a risk-free rate (investment to state banks or obligations), and, if the percentage of your investment is higher than this rate, it gives you the positive NPV (Net Present Value) and you should invest. The idea is simple, but it does not help to find the optimal ways of investment with the highest ROI (Return on Investment). This problem is especially acute for the Arabic market. Within this dimension, the approach of InstaForex looks as revolutionary one. InstaForex Company offers the services of Forex trading. It is widely known that Forex can be very profitable. A lot of people like George Soros and many others made a fortune on it. This fact is highly promoted by brokerage companies working on Forex. The other fact is that it takes years of training to be able to receive profit on this market.

Therefore, the majority of neophytes are doomed to failure. Of course, you can spend years to become a successful Forex trader, but this is definitely not the best way to invest. Having introduced the PAMM system, InstaForex Company offered a far more elegant solution. Now the investor can measure performance of various traders by means of the monitoring system so he can choose the best trader and invest money in him or her directly. Yes, it is risky as well, but the risk is mitigated by the following factors: the history of performance of the trader and the security of funds ensured by the company. There is an axiom: the higher risk is, the more the profit is. In case with the PAMM system, successful InstaForex investors have at least 10% profit monthly. Can you compare it to the bank? I do not think so.

Actually, PAMM accounts as such exist for several years. However, InstaForex system of PAMM accounts has two very strong competitive advantages:

• A clear monitoring system allowing you to easily choose the best trader.
• The fastest system of dividing the investor and trader shares allowing the investor to instantly withdraw the money from a PAMM trader account.

Another competitive advantage of InstaForex PAMM system is that financial advisors monitoring and suggesting their customers the best trader are able to receive part of PAMM trader profit.

Details on InstaForex PAMM system can be found at https://www.instaforex.org/pamm_partners.php

Innovative InstaForex PAMM system was recognized by World Finance as a breakthrough achievement. As a result, the financial magazine acknowledged InstaForex Company as the Best Broker in Asia 2009-2010.

So, if you are an investor and you are unhappy with current ROI, or if you are a financial advisor, the system of PAMM accounts from InstaForex is the right solution for you.

Lebanon Executive Magazine, December 2010


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