There are several simple steps on your way to fixed profit within InstaForex PAMM system:

Registration with the system as PAMM partner.


Selection of PAMM traders you want to attract investors to. Choose the option "Become an agent" on the monitoring page of the PAMM system section in Client Cabinet. This option should be enabled for each PAMM account you choose.


After the registration, you are provided with the affiliate link and widgets for every PAMM trader. You can use them for attraction of investors to PAMM traders.


An investor follows your affiliate link and decides to invest in the account of your PAMM trader


If the investment appears to be successful, you will be entitled to up to 80% of trader’s profit!

In order to register with the PAMM system as PAMM partner, it is necessary to register your PAMM investor account with the affiliate program of the PAMM system or register a new account as PAMM partner.

Example of taking profit:

A PAMM trader 111111 sets 50% of profit for PAMM partners in the settings of his account (PAMM trader reward is 40%). You register with the PAMM system as partner and attract two investors in account 111111 by using your affiliate link or a widget.

The first PAMM investor transfers USD 1,000. The second PAMM investor transfers USD 2,000.
The investment made by the first PAMM investor is losing. After refund of the investment, your result is neither positive nor negative.
The investment of the second PAMM investor yields USD 1,000. After refund of the investment and profit, the system automatically credits commission to the account of the PAMM trader, which equals USD 1,000 * 40% = USD 400. At the same time, you automatically receive 50% of this commission to your PAMM partner account, which amounts to USD 400 * 50% = USD 200. All payments are processed automatically.

Being registered with the system as PAMM partner, you can get not only a part of PAMM trader commission, but also affiliate commission if some attracted investor starts trading.

PAMM partner statistics

Being registered with the PAMM system as PAMM partner, you gain access to Partner Cabinet of InstaForex Company. It contains standard statistical data in comparison to a typical Partner Cabinet and statistics on investments. In the PAMM Statistics section of Partner Cabinet you can see the statistics on current or completed investments.

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