New players on Forex in Georgia

Recently a new player appeared on the Georgian market of Forex brokers ― InstaGeorgia Company which is an official partner of a leading online Forex broker InstaForex. Foreign traders got used to the service of high quality and convenient trading conditions which InstaForex offers to them. From now on, Georgian traders can also enjoy high grade service of InstaForex thanks to InstaGeorgia.

President of InstaForex Group:

- Our company is relatively young. The other day we celebrated the second anniversary. However, during the two-year period we not only successfully consolidated on the market of Forex services, but also joined the best online brokers in the regions of our attendance, and by now there are 30 countries where we have our offices. As for InstaForex activity as such, we provide our clients with the full range of currency trading services on Forex: 107 currency pairs, 34 CFDs on American shares, Gold operations and so on. Besides, we work with the key counteractors having direct access to the foreign exchange market. Our special pride is the trading conditions we ensure, and there is practical evidence of it: our traders find work with InstaForex Company highly convenient.

- How did you come to the decision to expand into Georgia?

- It would be simply unwise to develop inside our own region only even in case of such a big country as the Russian Federation. We actively extend our presence in the world covering more and more countries and regions by opening our representative offices and supporting our official partners. Presently, we are earnestly working towards operation on the Georgian market with our official partner in Georgia InstaGeorgia Company. As I see it, the Georgian market has some undeniable benefits for us. First, it is attractive from the point of view of scarce competitors; second, the Georgian region is an area where due to our close ties it is easy to foster partnership relations; and finally, despite political matters, Georgia for us is an interesting country in terms of business and we will not let this chance slip away.

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- Tell us about your partner ― InstaGeorgia Company.

- InstaGeorgia Company is our official partner in Georgia. Our cooperation has its history. We started working together within the bounds of various affiliate programs. Moreover, InstaGeorgia is our partner in a number of campaigns, and we hope that we will accomplish a joint success.

Head of InstaGeorgia Company Levan Simonishvili:

- At the first stage, the main mission of InstaGeorgia is popularization of Forex in Georgia primarily because this market like no other protected against economic crises and catastrophes. > At the first stage, the main mission of InstaGeorgia is popularization of Forex in Georgia, primarily because this market is like no other protected against economic crises and catastrophes.

- Such seminars will help to undertand the major principles of Forex. > Such seminars will help to understand the major principles of Forex.

Pirveli Magazine, December 2009


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