The ForexCopy system by InstaForex provides a unique opportunity for providers of Forex signals to distribute their services online among private traders.

The ForexCopy system is a user-friendly service which is designed to enable customers to copy trades by subscribing to successful traders. Imposing neither restrictions on the use of Expert Advisors, nor other limits, the ForexCopy system provides the best opportunity for those who would like to sell Forex signals.

The ForexCopy system is a simple way to sell signals. It provides a fully automated interface of paid subscription to your trades and automatic crediting of payments to your account along with an opportunity to monitor money transfers for your signals from hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.

After registration in the ForexCopy system, your account is automatically added in the public monitoring of traders which is visited by thousands of traders every day. The monitoring provides you with Followers who you have never met before, who live in different countries and even speak different languages.

The only requirement you should meet to sell Forex signals in the ForexCopy system is to have a trading account with InstaForex. Start trading and others will copy your trades!

If you are not experienced in trading but can recognize successful traders, subscribe to their trades and resell their signals to your customers!

Sound advice: Being a Forex Signal Provider, use an advantage of the ForexCopy system and embed your affiliate code in the link forwarding to a trader you have chosen. If your customers follow this link and decide to copy orders of this trader, you will receive a commission from each trade they make.

ForexCopy by InstaForex is a universal solution for Forex signals providers.

ForexCopy Monitoring will help you check the success of various forex traders registered with the ForexCopy system and choose those who seem the most prosperous to you. Monitoring contains yield statistics, balance and equity growth charts with adjustable timeframe enabling you to track the trading effectiveness of a chosen ForexCopy trader.
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