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Social responsibility of InstaForex is the way we see the work of a real modern company which does not forget about simple human principles even in terms of severe competition and uncompromising struggle between the market participants. According to these tenets, social responsibility must be an unalienable part of any large-scale company led by people who are able to feel for somebody.

We do not aim at making a dominant name or initiate a PR-campaign extending aid to the needy. InstaForex Company’s support of several Russian and foreign charity institutions is not an attempt to earn fame or advance rating among the rivals. As it was already said, social responsibility of InstaForex is the way we see an up-to-date company and the work principles which it has to follow.

For a few years already, more and more charity organizations and private individuals have became InstaForex Company partners. The list of charity organizations and volunteers will be constantly up-dated on this page meant for reflecting the concept of social responsibility in InstaForex Company. In such a way, we help and suppose it to be necessary to back up charity institutions and simple people who lend a real support to medicine, education and those who sort out these social problems.

CPOC foundation in Cambodia
CPOC foundation in Cambodia
Hello, I am Mr. Kim Ny, 36 years old, from Cambodia and my nationality is Cambodian. I am a disabled man who sits in a wheelchair all my life. My mother passed away when I was a baby. I don't know how beautiful her face was and did not play with her as a kid.  My father abandoned me when I was 1 and a half years old. Then I lived with my grandmother but she was blind and she did not have money to support me. My first sister was quite lucky as my uncle adopted her.

My second sister left school when she was 9 years old and then tried hard to make some money to feed me and my grandmother and take medical care of my grandmother.

The roof of the house where we lived was broken. We slept under the rain because the roof of the house was licking.

When I was young, I had difficulties to get to school. I went to school on my knees and my hands when the sun was burning, I also got under heavy rain in rainy seasons. I never had school uniform and school bag like other children. 

I created CPOC because I don't want to see children having hard life and sad life like when I was young. I want them to have enough food, good roof, go to school and live a healthy life.

The main reason of creation CPOC is that I want to give them good life now and gift bright future for their families. Now I rent a house to run the CPOC center project. In the future we plan to build the house for children, computer school, library, animal farm and vegetable farm, as well as university for poor student and cover their expenses for university fee.

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InstaForex helps earthquake victims in Nepal
InstaForex helps earthquake victims in Nepal
Currently the World Vision organization, along with other humanitarian institutions, takes part in relief efforts for the devastating earthquake that hit western Nepal on April 25, 2015. InstaForex stepped in to support the victims and transferred money to the organization's fund as a charity.

The money that comes into the fund will be used to provide temporary shelters for those who had to leave their homes, as well as medical care, food supplies and access to clean water.

One of the most severe earthquakes in the past 80 years of 7.8 magnitude occurred in Nepal leaving almost 8 thousand people killed and over 16 thousand, injured. It nearly destroyed more than 288 thousand buildings in the country, another 254 thousand need emergency recovery. Today people from all over the world take an active part in fund raising to help the victims.

InstaForex hopes that its contribution will help the citizens of Nepal recover from this terrible responsibility

World Vision is a religious non-profit organization aimed to provide aid and promote development worldwide, as well as fight poverty, hunger and injustice. Its regional UK office is a member of Disasters Emergency Committee.

Thank you!

social responsibility
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The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC)
The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC)
The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) is a voluntary humanitarian organization, contributing to the conservation of human values and to the prevention and softening of people’s sufferings. Also this organization helps people injured in natural disasters and military conflicts. The Malaysian Red Crescent, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, is a part of the independent International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Red Crescent also supports people in peace time as branches of the first medical aid and as humanitarian programs. Members of the Red Crescent took an active part in the recovery operations after the flood in the northern Malaysia in 2010. They also corresponded to tsunami, occurred in the Indonesian province Aceh and in the Malaysian state Penang in 2004. MRC also provided emergency cover to victims in Palestine, Japan, Pakistan, Burma, and China.

Nowadays, Malaysian branch of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement reaches out to people to cope with the aftermath of the strongest flooding over the last 50 years that hit in the eastern and northern states of Malaysia. Siba, where the river Rajang overflew, was damaged most. Evacuation centers, which got refugees through, were deployed in the disaster area. Among the members of the organization there are young volunteers, who are students from schools and universities.

Following the moral laws and the humanitarian principles InstaForex cannot stand aside when more than 400,000 people need support. Consequently, the company makes generous contribution to the MRC fund to mitigate and relieve suffering of the inundation victims on the Malaysian eastern shore.
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Nonprofit charitable organization “Wikimedia Foundation, Inc”
Nonprofit charitable organization “Wikimedia Foundation, Inc”
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit charitable organization which supports spreading and development of free information, including the first free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The project is targeted at collecting and evolvement of educational content, and its effective and global distribution. The foundation is fully supported by donations of individuals and organizations. social responsibility

Every day the main fund project Wikipedia free encyclopedia is visited by more than 12 million users. Wikimedia Foundation Inc. offers you an uninterrupted access to helpful and verified information that makes knowledge free and easily accessible. Year after year, the company continues providing its users with an opportunity to learn the accumulated experience of the mankind. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc and its global projects make enormous contribution to the development of the information dissemination and availability. Everyone, regardless of location, has a right to get the access to the checked source of information any time. The public online encyclopedia Wikipedia guarantees that.

Assistance and participation in social and charitable projects is one of the main InstaForex principles of work. Helping those who need it and participating in social life of society make it possible to fit the civilized patterns of business, human morale and honor.

InstaForex considers this project to be very important. Thus we were glad to answer to a request for help published by the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, and made a considerable donation.

InstaForex believes that in the contemporary world everyone should have an open access to information.

Thank you!
social responsibility
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SOS Children's Villages
SOS Children's Villages
One of the largest charitable organizations SOS Children's Villages was established in Austria in 1949 for children, who had no families or relatives.

The peculiarity of the model used by SOS Children's Villages is maximal similarity to usual family life. Today about 500 SOS villages are located in more than 133 countries of the world where orphaned children have found their homes. social responsibility

SOS Children's Villages exists due to charitable contributions exclusively, supporting kids psychologically, educationally, and materially. New foster families help the children to adjust to living in society

As part of social responsibility project, InstaForex supported one of the SOS children villages in Indonesia – SOS Village Semarang. There are 14 cottages in the village, every house is for one family with 6—8 children of preschool and school age, a mother (child minder) and an aunt (babysitter). The kindergarten is attended by about 90 children from the SOS village and neighboring towns.

Children go to public and private schools, then go to colleges with a possibility to live in youth hostels.

The main task of the organization is to take care of children, to preserve the idea of family and to attract the attention of society to problems of children who do not have biological families.
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Charity Fund “Happy World”
Charity Fund “Happy World”
The children’s charity fund “Happy World” was established in October 2005 in the Russian Federation with the mission to find financial assistance for seriously ill children and their families. The capital of the foundation is directed to children with the purpose to help them overcome cancer, neurological diseases, cerebral palsy, epilepsy as well as for rehabilitation, medical treatment, wheelchairs and other facilities.
social responsibility
Funds are also allocated to the relatives by way of material aid. Since the establishment, the charity foundation has supported over 400 families. The charity fund "Happy World" also renders financial assistance to medical centers for purchasing pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

The foundation accepts donations from private bodies and commercial establishments. Charitable events are also held for attracting the funds: concerts, theatre parties, auctions, exhibitions etc.

InstaForex Company is the partner of the charitable foundation “Happy World” and provides financial support to seriously ill patients. We consider it very important to help children, as this can be the only chance for them to overcome illness and survive.
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The Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH)
The Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH)
The Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH) has started its activity in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2001. The fund helps the population of the country, more than a half of which lives below the poverty line. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country by population. 250 million people live there on 17,000 isles. About 145 million people (52%) live on less than 2 USD dollars per day, and 35 million people (14%) - on less than 0.65 USD. 28% of children under 5 suffer from constant malnutrition; 20,000 deaths happen as a result of unaccompanied labour or the consequences of it. Over 100,000 people in the country die of tuberculosis each year; more than 9,000 people die of AIDs. Only 6% of population live to be 65.
social responsibility
The Foundation, the employees of which are volunteers, contributes to solving the prior task of Indonesia - the reduction of poverty, i.e. it grapples with malnutrition, high rate of mothers' deaths, and low level of education.

The FMCH in co-operation with the local medical institutions organize meals for weak of starvation children. Often parents have no means to buy healthy food for correct babies' diet. Even simple hygiene norms are not observed which leads to often illnesses and sometimes even to fatality. For children aged 3-6 pre-school education is organized where children are taught to speak well, read and count, as well as to analyze and retell texts. There is also a scholarship programme for primary school students. The Foundation helps to purchase textbooks, school uniforms and stationery.

Mothers attend courses which provide the basis of healthcare, hygiene and good nutrition. The women are also trained different handcrafts which can help to increase the family income, including tailoring classes. There is also a special loan scheme for those women who would like to purchase a sewing machine. Special training programmes are opened for workers of medicine and school teachers.

With the help of the Foundation’s means educational and healthcare centers have been opened. In the medical centers the children are examined, and receive medical care in the time of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters as well.

In accordance with the principles of social responsibility, InstaForex Company is glad to help this Foundation to achieve the collective mission of overcoming poverty and related to it problems.

For more information one can download the presentation of the FMCH or visit its official Facebook page.
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Titian Foundation
Titian Foundation
TitianВ FoundationВ (TF) (the word "titian" means a "small bridge") was established by the volunteers in 2006 on the donations from private parties and large companies in Jakarta with the purpose to rebuild Lamreh Village in Aceh that was destroyed by tsunami in 2004. After the reconstruction of the village, the foundation continued its activity building schools, and focusing on helping the Indonesian children from poor families to get good education.

The education for an Indonesian means finding a well-paid job and giving the family the good standard of living. The authorities of the fund are sure that acquiring professional skills guarantees successful future of a person and of the nation on the whole.

That is why the foundation is missioned to create favourable conditions for educating children and grown-ups.

Today the donations to the fund are spent for various programs, including:
- building schools, libraries, educational centers and providing technical facilities and books;
- making IT classes;
social responsibility - scholarship programs;
- advanced training for the teachers;
- organizing courses and seminars for adults;
- supporting the population suffering from natural disasters.

The foundation organizes different hobby groups for schoolchildren where the children are attended to by the professional teachers.

The fund also provides material support to schools which they have opened and have a scholarship program for talented kids whose families have no money to send them to school.

The foundation is run by the volunteers and 100% of the donations received are directed to projects.

You can find out more about the Titian Foundation and its activity at their official website or in social networks: FaceBook and Twitter
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AdVita Charitable Center of Hematology
AdVita Charitable Center of Hematology
St. Petersburg charitable foundation AdVita (i.e. for life) was established in 2002. The mission of the donation center AdVita is providing financial assistance to children and grownups suffering from cancer. The donations made to the fund are directed to treatment, rehabilitation, purchasing medicines and medical equipment, paying for medical services and difficult surgery.
social responsibility
AdVita is searching for donations in favour of those people who need urgent help, looking for blood and bone marrow donors, trying to cure as many patients as possible. Moreover, the charitable organization AdVita is employing volunteers who are tending to help ill people with no ability to cope with disease on their own.

InstaForex international Forex broker generously renders financial assistance to the charitable organization AdVita, thus, attempting to provide healthy and happy future to children and adults fighting against cancer.

Thank you!
social responsibility social responsibility social responsibility
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Charitable Foundation - “GN-OTA”
Charitable Foundation - “GN-OTA”
The charitable foundation of GN-OTA movement was started by the government of Indonesia in co-operation with the national adoption movement GN-OTA (Gerakan Nasional Orang Tua Asuh – National Movement of Foster Parents) on May 29, 1999 in Jakarta. The foundation’s mission is to decrease the number of children who left school because of being unable to pay for education. Thus the main activity of the organization is providing financial support to children who need to obtain a 9-year basic education. The budget of the foundation consists of donations made by private bodies, social groups and non-governmental establishments and also by the government. The money is distributed among those children who need it in the form of targeted subsidies and scholarships for orphans, children with limited abilities and children from low-income families or one-parent families, aged between 7 to 15, so that they were able to purchase school supplies and books. The foundation co-operates with educational institutions that give the lists of the children who need help in order to study and pay for education. The application form for receiving scholarship can be submitted by every child in trouble.
social responsibility
In 1996 the Ministry of Social Affairs in Indonesia reported about 6 million children who left schools because of financial problems. In 2010 the indicator exceeded 13 million. Meanwhile annually about 60.000 children receive grants from the foundation.

You can find out more about the activity of the charitable foundation and possibilities to participate in their programme at the official website of GN-OTA.
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The Russian Aid Fund
The Russian Aid Fund
The Russian Aid Fund is one of the largest charitable foundations in Russia that accepts donations from private individuals and organizations in order to collect the amounts needed for treatment of seriously ill children. The Russian Aid Fund was established in 1996, among numerous awards it received the national award “Silver Key” in 2000.

The stories of children with dramatic diseases, who need direct aid, are published on the website of the fund, on other web-resources and printed in business publications, as well as appear on the radio. The fund co-operates with the major medical centres and hospitals of Russia, where the collected by the foundation money goes for curing the children with oncological diseases, congenital heart diseases, infantile cerebral paralysis, diabetes, unsoundness peripheral nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal disorders etc.
social responsibility
The Russian Aid Fund also holds aid campaigns during the periods of national and natural disasters and catastrophes, provides help to the families who suffered from terrorism and other emergency situations. The donations can be received by the children from Russia as well as from other CIS countries.

InstaForex cares for lives of children with poor health represented in the fund and sincerely hopes that the financial assistance made to the foundation will change the children’s lives for the better.
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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) is an international independent medical humanitarian organization, which renders help to people, who have suffered from armed conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters. The organization MSF offers assistance to all people irrespective of their gender, race or religion and political views and adheres to the principles of medical ethics, loyalty, neutrality and objectiveness.

MSF was established in Paris in 1971 as non-commercial and self-regulated entity. The basic principles of its functioning are enclosed in the MSF Charter. Today MSF is a worldwide movement including 23 associations. The organization is 90% financed by private funds.

Thousands of medical as well as administrative professionals are working in MSF. The great majority of MSF medical workers are from the countries, where the organization is providing aid. All in all, people from 60 countries of the world are the team of MSF.
social responsibility
MSF are against the opinion that population of poor countries can only get low level of medical service, it tends to provide high quality of care after all patients. In 1999, when MSF was awarded Nobel Prize, the organization declared that the money which was received together with the award, will be spent for educational work concerning curing the illnesses spread in poor countries.

Recently, MSF pays much attention to the problems of citizens from countries of the third world, who live in slums without any medical services at all. For example, Bangladesh and its capital Dacca, where 80% of the population live in slums without clear water, electricity etc. MSF could not stay away from this severe problem, and in 2010 opened in the slum district Kamrangirchar of the Bangladesh capital Dacca a centre for health and nutrition, which has by now become home for 400,000 people. At the moment MSF continues working in this direction, helping people, who live in slums, to receive medical treatment. MSF is opening new centres not only in Bangladesh, but in other countries, where the issue of extremely low living standard is as much critical. You can find out more about the programs of MSF at the official website of the organization.

InstaForex deems it its duty to help the organization Médecins Sans Frontières, and consequently, all people who are deprived of due medical care. Doing this we consider, that people of the poorest nations, who live in the countries involved in military actions, can obtain a chance to be healthy.
Read more
Irina Mitina
Irina Mitina
On October 27, 2008 Irina Mitina got into a car accident and suffered from a serious spine injury, brain lining breakage, splinter injuries of spinal cord. That is to say, fatal wounds which deprived her of the possibility to move and control physiological processes of the organism. During three months Irina´s life was sustained by artificial lung in the reanimation. After a short improvement there occurred thrombembolia which led to reanimation again.
social responsibility
The woman who managed to stay alive was directed to the rehabilitation center for people with back injuries. Despite that it was not what she needed exactly but there were no funds for effective treatment abroad. Irina has no father, and after the accident, her mother abandoned her. Only her friends and compassionates were helping her. Charitable bank accounts for rehabilitation funds transferring were opened.

Irina was persuaded to take part in Miss Insta Asia beauty contest 2009, arranged by InstaForex Company. Due to a great number of not indifferent people who voted for the woman, she took the first place. The obtained money prize has become an essential contribution to her recovery. More than 2 years have passed after the accident and for this time due to every day trainings and will power Ira can stand 10 minutes vertically, raise hands from knees for a while, toughen muscles of legs and belly. And this is a really huge process and victory indeed.
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Inna Bidlingmayer
Inna Bidlingmayer
Inna is 26 years old and she has Lyme disease which aggravated because of encephalitic mite biting. Thus, she is deprived of the possibility to hold to a normal mode of life. In addition to her inability to work, Inna has many difficulties in everyday life, including never-ending pain all over the body which is caused by the nervous system disorders. Lyme disease made the ability to move and control the body processes almost impossible. The forecasts of doctors are hardly inspiring and her overall stance is getting worse and worse.
social responsibility
The relatives supporting her have no chance to help her as this requires considerable financial expenses. Now she lives with her 6-years old son, mother and grandmother, whose salary, pension and alimony payments for the son are spent for medicines.

Medical treatment is possible only abroad, in local health clinics only Analgin can be offered. By virtue of other people’s mercy and, in particular, InstaForex Company, the funds were raised and now the negotiations with the clinics in Germany, which is ready to tackle the main decease - mite-borne Lyme-borreliosis - are held.
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