InstaForex is the best micro account Forex broker in the world

Two world's established magazines for traders - Stock Leader and World Finance - agreed that the dynamically developing InstaForex brokerage company is the best micro account Forex broker.

Note: Stock Leader, the most popular online magazine for traders (93 thousand subscribers), is issued by the Masterforex-V Trading Academy. The magazine assesses brokers not with the help of the ratings made by analysts that are often sponsored, but by the real trading conditions of the Academy’s traders. Five of them, by virtue of successful trading on Forex and the stock exchange, have already outplayed the dealing centres insomuch that the centres found themselves unable to pay the traders what they were to get. Recently a scandal was triggered by a refuse of Broco company to pay the profit to a trader of Masterforex-V Academy after she increased her deposit by 9.5 within a month.

InstaForex Company is not only a broker, but the largest investor too.

Such tragic stories have become quite frequent among traders of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. But the experts of Stock Leader magazine have noted the fact that there is a new generation of brokerage companies that accept traders’ deposits for work on the exchange, as well as finance them, increasing the volume of exchange deals on the market.

InstaForex Company has come to be an undisputed leader in the niche of micro Forex (the accounts of laymen start from $1) in the opinion of Stock Leader magazine experts due to several features:

1. The Kaliningrad broker is the fastest-developing company in the world. It was announced the number one broker in Asia in 2009 and therefore pressed the largest American and European brokerage companies with standard approaches to work with traders.

2. The fastest branch expansion rate in the world. In 2009 InstaForex offices were opened in a great number of cities of the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

3. The best conditions of trading on live micro accounts. InstaForex provides newbies with the same conditions as those that are traditionally given only to large trading accounts owners (from $100 thousand).

4. Enormous broker’s investments, including the fact that InstaForex Company has become the first broker in the world investing in the most successful traders and allowing them to operate funds in time of the global financial crisis.

5. Organization of large-scale contests for traders. InstaForex established the prize fund of $300 thousand for the best traders and bought two Hummers as prizes for successful trading. It is developing a special contest to seek out the best newbies of Masterforex-V Academy amounting to $33 thousand and implying huge lending for the winners upon the condition of stable trading.

We can witness how the world finance crisis puts everything in its place, revealing the true nature of some Forex brokers that strive not to let traders earn. The crisis is comparable to a springboard for a mighty heave of other brokerage companies, such as InstaForex, which are promptly conquering the world and hearts of Forex traders.

Vesti.kz Internet edition, November 2009


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