Renowned sportsmen and actors tell their success stories, famed analysts and acknowledged experts of the world of finance discourse upon the niceties and pitfalls of the currency trading, while traders share their working experience with InstaForex. The Video interview section is your chance to be engaged in conversation with interesting people.

Elizaveta Pitkevich, Regional Development Manager at InstaForex Group, speaks about how company’s development is beneficial to its employees’ personal development

Elizaveta Pitkevich, a regional development manager at InstaForex Group, speaks about the company’s key services and the presence of InstaForex in Europe (April 2016, Bratislava)

Natalia Bortnikova, a marketing specialist at InstaForex Group, speaks about specifics of working in international environment

Anna Lukina, a customer support manager at InstaForex, speaks about the most popular questions from traders and specifics of working in a female team

Jim Martens, an expert in Elliott wave analysis: “it’s the market that determines what decisions the Fed and ECB make.” (Moscow, November 2015)

Pavel Shkapenko, development Director at InstaForex, speaks about how to develop relations with traders from Moldavia (Kishinev, November 2015)

Jason McAteer, a footballer, speaks about the things that make the former Liverpool player happy (Grand Dinner, Kuala Lumpur, october 2015)

Aleksandar Koprivica, an acknowledged expert in the wave analysis, tells about searching for a trading strategy (InstaForex conference in St. Petersburg, October 2015).

Anna Sebeikina, a manager of the InstaForex PR department will give insight about public relations activities.

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