WebTrader by InstaForex combines the latest trading developments. Apart from convenient trading with a variety of options, the users can also track the latest news and analytical comments as well as quote changes in an online mode.

Moreover, there are three modifications of the WebTrader interface based on different approaches to trading:

  • Classic. A list of instruments, trend direction, price change for every instrument, and traders’ positions.
  • Dashboard. Every instrument is represented as a tick chart. Once some instruments are added, the live dashboard informs of all the changes occurring on the financial markets.
  • Chart. A combination of candlestick, OHLC chart and increment from M1 to MN, as well as a tick chart and information about traders’ positions on a chosen instrument.

InstaForex accounts of all types, in any currency (USD, EUR, RUR, USD Cents, EUR Cents) on any trading server, including InstaForex-Demo и InstaForex-Contest, are allowed for WebTrader.

The users of InstaForex WebTrader can employ all Forex instruments — metals, CFDs, futures and stock indices CFDs

InstaForex clients can manually adjust the list of the most traded instruments and set them in a particular order. The settings are available for all the three WebTrader interface modifications.

To keep abreast of your trading results, you can make use of balance & equity and profit charts in the WebTrader platform.

WebTrader platform

WebTrader is an innovative platform developed by InstaForex for trading forex, CFDs, and futures right in a web browser. It features just the same broad set of functions as desktop platforms. WebTrader offers all trading instruments and is open to accounts of any type and all InstaForex trading servers. As for the advantages of this trading terminal, it can be accessed from any place, regardless of the operating system and browser; moreover, it has a unique multi-interface.
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